Sunday, 29 December 2013

My current work is writing and 'soundscapes’:

The ‘Water of Leith’ 2012 and ‘Called to Wander’ 2013. 

I am now investigating the subject of the next one.

I record natural sounds in the environment around my home in Dunbar and further afield; sounds of the sea in all its moods, birdsong, rivers and wind in the trees. These are then blended with my poetry and other words. 
I layer the voices to create an evocation of place and experience. 

‘Called to Wander’ which is featured in the John Muir Birthplace Museum at present has the voices and childhood memories of Dunbar people, my own memories and those of John Muir. His ‘voice’ is recreated by Stuart Mitchell. 
The natural sounds resonate with John Muir’s appreciation of wild areas where the sound becomes music.

A short excerpt from 'Called to Wander' is available at:

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