LesleyMay Miller BAHons SSA

we travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls’ Anais Nin

Reflecting on the inspiration found in music and light, I am excited by the search which leads me to capture truths in nature. There is delight in detail and moments of perception. Words folded into my artistbooks relate to incised marks on my sculptural figures; clues which invite the viewers to form their own interpretation. Visual imagery, focussing on the tentative, subtle and evanescent, influences my poetry. Arduous physical travel and meetings with a diversity of people and cultures provided me with fresh ideas for my artwork. Poetry takes my work into the world. Each process and technique brings new energy to this search.
Sound brings another dimension.

A degree in ceramics and printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art, was followed by a Post-graduate Diploma and becoming a founder member of the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Collaborative work includes sculpture projects in France and Scotland. Commissions and exhibitions have been accomplished in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. Awarded residencies at Wysing Arts, and Colonsay. Selected exhibitions include a solo at the Open Eye Gallery, group shows with the Society of Scottish Artists (1987 to present, awarded prize ‘Art for a Better World‘1994), Franco-Scottish exhibitions in Montpellier, ‘Rencontre Europeene de Sculpture’ Montauban, France(1992-2001) ‘Connections 2000’ invited by Royal Scottish Academy(2000)
Having set up a sculpture garden in the Borders (1992-2004), I now live by the coast in Dunbar.