Poems © LesleyMay Miller

If the Shore

If the shore came nearer
how would life be then?
Waves lap on my doorstep
sea-song in my head.
Anemones in my garden
crabs climb up the wall.
Hawthorn waves goodbye
the rowan moves uphill.
Ocean draws me under
on an inward breath.

Recent award winning poems:

Earth to Light
Kaolin, feldspar and flint
thrown, coiled or pinched
in the master hands of a potter. 

White body, speckled with light
cobalt brushed around the rim
set aside to dry for many days.

The fire roars for long hours
slowly from cherry-red to orange 
a yellow glare fills the kiln.

White heat of expectation. Wait.
Will there be joy or pain?
Cupped hands hold a fragile bowl

cared for in obscurity
until a chance spin of life’s wheel
repeats the process of transformation.

Filled with a flourish of cream
a perfect porcelain blue-edged bowl
out in the world. 

Touch Stone

He walks slowly
on a well-worn path
listening for the blackbird
and brushing past bracken
feels the warmth
of familiar stone
finds the sweet heat
of brambles hiding by the wall.
He picks clover and chews on summer,
kneels to search for sorrel 
explodes its sweet acid 
in his mouth.
Hears the music of 
honey collectors,
gathers a bitter taste of mint.

Written in 2013 for the anniversary of the battle of Flodden
published in 'A Set of Ribbons' an anthology 
for the Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk Festival:

she sang for our loss
she sang for the missing trees

for all the men in the trenches
for all the men in an ancient marsh 

we walked in the forest
my mother’s warm hand holding mine

we sense her touch
see the bluebells yet

she gathered flowers
in spring, before the summer 

wild anemones

bitter wood-sorrel

found creeping-lady’s-tresses
under the pine

she sang for the lone one 
who returned

she sang of a king who 
dreamed of peace